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Covid-19 Buyer Protection Program

The reality of living in a pandemic has set in, and we find ourselves facing much more uncertainty than ever before. That is especially true when it comes to real estate… is the market going to crash? Will I have a job in 12 months? Can I rely on a steady paycheck?

Questions like these have caused us to look back and find a way to provide our clients with a way to feel confident in their real estate purchase, no matter what their future holds. We created our Covid-19 Buyer Protection Program to alleviate any concerns, stress and uncertainty when purchasing a home with us.
If you purchase a home with any of the agents on our team, or purchase any property listed for sale by our team, you’re covered by us for the next 12 MONTHS.

If you lose your job and can’t keep up with payments, or you decide you don’t love it, we will sell your home FOR FREE (that’s right, no commissions involved), OR we will buy the home back from you.* 

We understand that this is a very stressful, uncertain time for just about everyone right now, and this is our way to try and mitigate your concerns. We want to share the benefits of homeownership with everyone, and created this program to keep your best interests at heart. In these uncertain times, our Covid-19 Buyer Protection Program allows you to make a purchase you can be certain about. 
Schedule a time to learn more information, or to get yourself enrolled! Let us guide you on the path to homeownership, or to your new home, while still feeling protected.